Douds, Courtney

Douds, Courtney
Courtney Douds, LCSW, MSW, MEd
Social Worker, Psychoanalyst
1601 Walnut Street
Private Practice

My name is Courtney Douds, and through careful, attentive listening and questioning, I work with individuals and couples to challenge and change frustrating patterns of behavior, address painful emotions and thoughts, and help resolve dilemmas and make difficult decisions. Rather than pass judgment on behaviors, thoughts, or desires and telling patients how to live their lives, I guide patients in the work of examining why symptoms are causing distress or why dysfunctional patterns have been repeated in order for them to be changed. I welcome patients involved in or exploring their LGBTQIA+, kink, and nonmonogamous identities or communities to get in touch, and offer a free, in-person, one-hour consultation which can be booked through my website.

Masters of Social Work from Widener University (2015)
Masters of Education in Human Sexuality from Widener University (2015)
Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University (2010)
Bachelor of Arts in Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology from Columbia University (2010)
Candidate Analyst at the Lacan School of San Francisco (2015-present)
Individual, Couples
Adolescent, Young Adult / Student, Adult, Geriatric, Couples
Anxiety, Depression, Borderline Personality Disorder, BDSM/kink, Nonmonogamy & Polyamory, LGBTQIA+
Out of Network Provider
Private Practice, single office with waiting room.

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