The Philadelphia Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology Endowment Application


PSPP is pleased to invite you to help us expand our ability to underwrite student scholarships, awards and programming on highly specialized topics pertaining to the following:

The Jules Abrams, Ph.D. Fund: Sponsors programming, scholarship, and awards in the area of Psychoanalytic Child Therapy.

The Jane Widseth, Ph.D. Fund: Provides funding for Post-Doctoral psychologists to attend psychoanalytically informed seminars or course work during the years when they are accumulating hours for licensing.

The David Ramirez, Ph.D. Fund: Provides funding for students and Early Career Psychologists to attend the Division 39 Spring Meeting or the National Multicultural Conference and Summit.

The Elisabeth Young-Bruehl, Ph.D. Fund: Sponsors programming, scholarship, and awards in the area of Issues of Sexuality and Gender and Childism.

The Linda Hopkins, Ph.D. Fund: Sponsors programming, scholarship and awards in the area of Psychoanalytic History and Biography.

The Barbara L. Goldsmith, Psy.D. Fund: Provides resources to help underwrite graduate students’ free attendance at PSPP programs, support for the development of programs to meet the needs of graduate students and postdoctoral interns and continued support for the PSPP Mentorship Program.

Application Process

The Endowment committee will receive and review Endowment Applications on a rolling basis. Time will be allotted at each PSPP board meeting for Endowment Committee recommendations and PSPP Board selection of awards. The PSPP board meets on a monthly basis each year from September to June.

Please e-mail your completed PSPP Endowment Application, described below, with the subject line indicating PSPP Endowment Application to Endowment Chair, Jeanne Seitler, Psy.D. at .

A successful Applicant will demonstrate:

A description of your endeavor or proposal and its relationship /contribution to psychodynamic/psychoanalytic work.

Appropriate projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Attendance at the APA Div 39 Conference (Registration fees, Conference travel and lodging expenses, Poster preparation expenses, and Presentation Expenses constitute appropriate requests.)
  •  Dissertation expenses.
  • Publication expenses.
  • Research expenses.

The applicant must also demonstrate:

  • Evidence of the applicant’s interest in and commitment to studying and promoting psychodynamic/psychoanalytic ideas.
  • Contribution of service hours to PSPP, past, present, or pledge for future service, along with current membership status.
  • Brief statement of financial need and summary of Endowment resources requested.Please limit your application to 500 words or less.