Systemic treatment using a genogram offers families many benefits; however, an understanding of individual psychoanalytic factors in the system can also enhance a systemic approach to treatment. The integration of systems and psychoanalytic thinking can be powerful in terms of designing appropriate interventions that meet the complex treatment needs of the family, as a whole, as well as for individual family members. Utilizing the genogram as a central tool, the presenters will discuss the process of integrating these two theories, the resultant approach to integration, and the beneficial impact of integration on the supervisor-supervisee relationship. Through the use of a de-identified case study, the presenters will provide examples of their treatment model, while engaging the audience in exploration of the application of this model, particularly the use of the genogram, in clinical practice.

 Learning Objectives: After attending this program in full, participants will be able to:

  1. Participants will learn at least two specific intervention skills unique to the “mutual” integration model.
  2. Participants will be able to construct an integrated genogram for case conceptualization.

Dr. Scott Browning is a nationally renowned expert on family therapy and has written several books about working with diverse family types. He is currently under contract with APA to publish his fifth book. Dr. Browning is first-author on two recent publications in APA journals. His recent published work proposed a novel use of the genogram as a tool for integration and designing intervention. Dr. Browning is also in the process of constructing an outcome assessment tool measuring interactional quality in family systems. Since 1988, Dr. Browning has been on the faculty at Chestnut Hill College in the Department of Professional Psychology’s Psy.D. Program.

Dr. Rachel Hull is a recent graduate of Chestnut Hill College’s Psy.D. Program. Her “home” approach to treatment is psychodynamic; however, through her work with Dr. Browning, she has become increasingly attracted to systems theory and integrative psychotherapy. Dr. Hull is second-author on two recent APA journal article publications with Dr. Browning focusing on the integration process of systems and psychoanalytic theories in clinical work. Dr. Hull’s primary clinical interest is in human sexuality.

Reference: Browning, S. & Hull, R. (2019). Treating multidimensionsal presenting problems with a mutually integrative approach using the genogram. Family Process, 58(3), 656-668. Doi: 11/1111/famp.12470

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