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Graduate Students

There are many benefits to being a student member of PSPP as well as having affiliation with PSPP programs, services, and initiatives. If you have any questions pertaining to graduate students, please email Carrie Potter ( and Emily Johansen (, the current PSPP Graduate Student Representatives.

Mentorship Program

Every year, students have the opportunity to be paired up with a psychodynamically trained clinician in the local area for mentoring. This could be a year long relationship, multiple years, or a lifelong one. Dr. Barbara Goldsmith and a Mentorship Program Assistant for PSPP, go through a very careful process for matching students with mentors based on their application. For more details please see the PSPP Mentorship Program page. You do not have to be a PSPP student member to apply.


Division 39 Scholars Program
The program is divided into several components. Any one individual may fit into more than one category, but applications may be submitted to one program only.

  • Graduate Students
  • Ethnic Minorities (Graduate and ECP)
  • Early Career Professionals
  • Local Chapters
  • Couples and Family Therapy

Division 39 Scholars Program 2016: Graduate Students and Early Career Professionals
Applications were accepted until January 19, 2018. Please look to apply next year for 2019. Application deadlines are in January and require professional references. Plan accordingly! See their website for more details,

Applicants need not be members of Division 39 at the time of the application. All Division 39 Scholars will become members of the Division for the Scholarship year.

All Division 39 Scholars will receive the following benefits:

  • A travel award of $500 for expenses to the New York conference
  • A mentor with whom the Scholar will meet at least once per month
  • Subscriptions to all Division 39 publications, including the journal Psychoanalytic Psychology, the Division/Review which comes out three times per year, and the monthly online newsletter, Insight
  • Free access to Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (Pep-web) if such access is not otherwise available.
  • All graduate students in clinical psychology and cognate disciplines as well as Early Career Professionals (ECPs), defined as 7 years or less post-doctoral experience, are eligible to apply.

PSPP Endowment Application
Under this Scholarship, different topic/professional endowment areas are available for scholarship applications.

  • All that is asked is that the applicant demonstrate evidence of their interest in and commitment to studying and promoting psychodynamic/psychoanalytic ideas.
  • Contribution of service hours to PSPP, past, present, or pledge for future service, along with current membership status.
  • A brief statement of financial need and summary of Endowment resources is requested.

Annual Graduate Student / Mentee Mentor Brunch

Every year this brunch is graciously hosted by Barbara L. Goldsmith, Psy.D. Date, time and location is e-mailed to registrants.

  • All graduate students interested in psychoanalysis & psychodynamic psychotherapy (No need to be committed, just curious!)
  • All PSPP Mentees & Mentors who are currently mentoring students

This is a time to eat, relax, and celebrate the end of the semester, meet other graduate students, and find out about PSPP’s mentoring program, as well as other programs and opportunities to get involved. You do not have to be a PSPP student member to attend.