Benefits of Membership

PSPP is interested in promoting quality mental health services and in preserving confidential, psychoanalytic psychotherapy through efforts in the following areas:

  • Legislative — PSPP’s Professional Affairs Committee alerts members to mental health legislation that may affect psychoanalytic psychotherapy and tells members how they might impact that legislation.

  • Media — PSPP members and the PSPP Public Relations Committee have been quoted in newspaper and magazine articles and have appeared on television and radio as part of efforts to inform the public about psychoanalytic psychology and how it must be preserved.

  • Opportunities for Empowerment — PSPP is a member organization of the National Coalition of Mental Health Professionals and Consumers, Inc., and supports the Coalition’s mission. PSPP members provide consultation and support to individuals experiencing difficulties with managed care.

PSPP members enjoy discounted program registration fees to many unique and stimulating programs which provide Continuing Education opportunities for Psychologists and Social Workers. Our newsletter is published three times a year and  keeps members abreast of information in the field of psychoanalytic psychology both locally and nationally.