Current Research by PSPP Members

Welcome to the PSPP Research webpage! PSPP is dedicated to providing mental health professionals interested in psychoanalysis a vehicle through which they can exchange scholarly and clinical information. One way in which we hope to promote psychoanalytic thought and the exchange of information is through the psychoanalytic research of our members.

If you are a member of PSPP and have a current project on which you are working, we invite you to take a moment to complete our research information form which will then be posted on the website for others to view (please see directions below). We welcome all types of research, including theoretical explorations, quantitative, and qualitative research. If you are not actively conducting research but are interested in local projects or participating in a study, please click on the links below in the right column to view current projects.

NOTE: Please be advised that if you submit your project to be posted on the PSPP website, it will be available for anyone online to view, including PSPP members and non-members alike. Additionally, if you are submitting a project in which you are recruiting human subjects, please send a copy of your IRB approval letter for our records.

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Current Research by PSPP Members

Early Treatment Outcome of Open-Ended Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy & Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy: How & Why Patients Change

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